An Exciting Time

This week I had a few slip ups—forgetting to check in right away, not copying William and Haig in my emails to local chapters, and formatting media reports correctly. The list goes on. Naturally, I don’t like to make mistakes. By constantly interacting with and motivating one another, I’ve learned from my fellow interns that it is fine to make mistakes, as long as I learn from them. As I progress through this internship, I do begin to understand exactly what is meant by a learning curve. I am exposed to such details that come with running a political organization and I learning quite a bit, and very quickly!

I learn something new every hour that I am at the office. During this past weekly meeting, Haig lectured about the ANCA’s involvement in Armenian-American issues on the federal level. In particular, I enjoy Haig’s lecturing style. He constantly involves us in the discussion, prompting us to provide input and feedback. I also enjoy his lengthy answers to our short questions. While the first few minutes might answer the question, he delves into a more detailed response that leaves us wanting to ask more questions and learn more things.

Through research and even direct experience, the more I understand what ANCA is about, the more enthusiastic I become about being a part of the organization. After reading about what the Armenian Cause 2.0 Leadership Conference entailed, I wished I had booked a flight straight to Washington D.C. But I am excited to hear what William and Haig have to say about it when they come back.


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