Dreaded Procrastination

Another week at ANCA has gone by and I have to say that it’s getting more challenging as time goes on. I have always been a procrastinator. I find myself breaking that habit more and more. This work this week made me realize that I have to accomplish things little by little everyday so that, whether it’s research or a specific task. I find myself getting stronger in that area even though sometimes it seems difficult to break the habit; I’m learning to modify it.

Time management is starting to be a problem for me. I’m pushing myself to meet the deadlines presented to me. I decided to get a calendar to write my due dates on so that I won’t forget and it has proven to be very useful. I’ve made a couple of mistakes this week with the media reports and the monthly update but I’m not letting those mistakes discourage me. I realized that there are better ways to approach these tasks. I’m using those as a learning aid to better myself and my work for all the weeks to come.

Haig gave us a lecture recently about the influence that ANCA has had on Armenian American issues on the federal level and it was very informative. I found that I learn more when he engages us into the lesson. He constantly asks us questions and even though most of the time I may not know the answer I am able to learn for it. It made me even more interested in the political system. Overall, this week has been very enlightening. I am looking forward to learning more about this organization and its effects on the world.


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