“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” -Elbert Hubbard

If I had to explain to people how my experience was at the ANCA-WR I would say it’s challenging but gratifying at the same time. Finishing up the blog, media report, monthly update and working on my main project, which is Armenian Community Relations, has been a challenge. Just another regular day at the ANCA-WR office and another e-mail from William asking us to correct our mistakes and make our work more presentable. Then the e-mail goes back and forth several times, following up with a meeting to discuss our mistakes, until the final outcome is accomplished. I grew up with my father constantly telling me that praising his children would not do them any good and would limit the amount they could achieve in life. Therefore, I welcome and appreciate criticism more than praise because it enables me to strive higher. It is also satisfying to see the end result of my work which I did not realize I could achieve before.

Therefore, if I were asked one more time why I was doing this internship, I would repeat again that this is equivalent to enrolling in another college course, if not more. For what we learn in college has not yet been applied to a professional work environment, which is eventually the results we want to reach. The only difference being that we wouldn’t be able to make as many mistakes at our work. I cannot imagine a better opportunity for youth to learn and advance in their career than interning somewhere like the ANCA. 


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