Tackling Challenges

As I progress through this internship, I find myself facing more challenges every day. The challenge that I face this week is the work. It has just hit me how much dedication this internship requires. I’ve always worked on getting the core of the work done and overlooked the details like formatting. I did this a lot in my classes. Being involved in this internship has taught me to be very careful when submitting my finished product. The details are just as important as the core of the work. It taught me that anything I show needs to be presentable in every way. It’s a great skill to learn and very useful for future assignments. Especially when I transfer to University in the fall, I know that I will be expected to hand in assignments that complete in its entirety and properly organized.

I had no idea that when I started this internship I would learn things like formatting and proper organization of ideas. Being an English major, I am required to complete many writing assignments so knowing how to format things in different ways is very important in my field. Going into the ANCA internship, I was only expecting to learn about the political world. Now as I near the end of the internship I realized exactly how much I learned. Not just about politics but also how to keep up in a fast paced setting. Though I was struggling at first and had to undergo much criticism, I have become more confident and I find myself completing tasks quicker than I was able to do before.

In my classes I used to be so self-conscious about my work and my writing that i would have trouble sending it in. In fact, I would put it off until I was pushed to submit it. The experience of this internship has taught me to not be afraid of criticism. It has taught me that criticism is needed in order for the individual to grow. I have gained confidence that will stay with me even after this internship is over.


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