“A Proud Intern in ANCA”

By: Erik Khzmalyan

My name is Erik. I’m an international student from Armenia and study political science in Glendale College. Couple days ago I found out that I was selected to be an intern in ANCA. No words can describe how happy I was as it is a great honor to be an intern in an organization that had its vital contribution in so many important fields. Today, due to the great efforts of ANCA the voices of thousands of Armenians are heard in the US. ANCA played a great role in supporting Armenia, Kharabakh, and Javakh. It’s really hard to imagine how Armenia would look like without the immense contribution of its diaspora. As an Armenian who was born and raised in Armenia, I truly appreciate that.

This is my second week in ANCA and I already feel like I’m improving such important skills as responsibility and punctuality.  Even though my shift on Mondays and Tuesdays starts at 1pm, I wake up at 9am get ready and leave the house much earlier. As a note, it takes 3 minutes to drive from my house to ANCA’s office. I prefer to arrive at least 30 minutes before my shift, just not to be late.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll gain the necessary skills and knowledge during my summer internship. In the future I want to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and the experience that I will gain during the internship will have its great impact on my future career. As an individual I’ll be able to make my contribution in Armenia and use all the knowledge and experience gained in ANCA. The other important factor for me is that I was able to meet people who have been really active in Armenian communities and overall as individuals. This is a great opportunity for me to establish connections with educated and experienced people and in the future we will be able to create even more solid ties between Armenia and its Diaspora and work on various projects regarding the Armenian cause. I’m truly excited about this internship and looking forward to upcoming projects and events.


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