My Past Will Create My Future

By: Vahe Assarian

Many people ask me, “Why did you major in Political Science?” Well, the answer may surprise you – politics runs in my blood. My father’s side has always been actively involved in the Armenian community, especially when it involves aspects of what Armenia needs to do to improve the nation political and economically. My family is also involved with a number of Armenian organizations including, but not limited to the Armenian Youth Federation, Armenian National Committee of America, and Homenetmen. Growing up in this family and having connections with Armenian organizations I developed an interest. My father’s side is strongly connected with the Armenian community because they want to see justice for the Armenian Cause. Both my grandmother and grandfather survived the Armenian Genocide and their stories of how they survived were told to my father and consequently, to me. After hearing these stories, I decided that I needed to go into politics to fight for justice in memory of my grandparents and the Armenian people.

It’s one thing to discuss politics but it’s another to actually study it. I graduated California State University Northridge (CSUN), where I studied Political Science for the past two years. I began my career in Fall 2010 and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government on May 23, 2012. I am the first person from both my mother’s and father’s side to get a degree in this field.

Experiencing politics first hand has been quite the experience. Working for the Armenian National Committee of America -Western Region (ANCA-WR), I have learned that politics is not an easy subject to deal with – especially out on the field. While at California State University Northridge, I thought politics was hard to research and study but to actually be involved with a political group makes my studies seem far too easy. Since this is my first job,I have had a rough transition between school and work but hopefully soon I’ll get the hang of it!

I hope to still be working for the Armenian Cause in my future. My family would be very happy to see me continuing my work within the Armenian community, here in the United States. Working for the Armenian community takes a great deal of time and effort but as long as I stay strong, I know I will better my community and myself. Unfortunately, I can’t predict where my future will take me but I know that expanding my education hasn’t come to an end just yet.


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