We got this!

If you show up.
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Dear Activist!

The polls in Los Angeles have been open for almost 5 hours now and the voter turnout is lower than we ever imagined.  With over 21,000 Armenian-Americans registered to vote between LA CD7, LAUSD Districts 4 and 6, the Armenian vote will be the determining factor on who gets elected in the nation’s second largest city and school system.

The Charter School Association, which is linked to the Turkish Gulen Magnolia Schools has poured in over 5 million dollars just in the last month to try and stop our champions from getting elected. 

They may have the money, but we have the grassroots, the right candidates, and the votes.  

If you haven’t already, please go out and vote for our candidates before polls close 8:00PM today.  It’s going to come down to just a few votes…your vote.

The future of our city, our schools, and the Armenian Cause rests on our collective obligation to make our voice heard at the ballot box.

Vote and get everyone you know to vote too.

We got this…if you show up!  


Please take a minute to forward the graphic on the left to family and friends via email and text, and share on your social media platforms.  

You can also grab and share some of our GOTV videos by clicking here  #EveryVoteCounts


If you have not already mailed in your ballot, you can turn it in at ANY polling location on Election Day, May 16, between 7AM-8PM.  

You can also have a relative or entrusted person take your completed ballot for you, as long as YOU sign the envelope and write the name of the person turning it in for you.  

If you have misplaced/never received your requested vote-by-mail-ballot, just go to the polling location and vote with a regular ballot.


If you end up at the wrong polling location, poll workers can’t find your name on the roster, or any issues arise at the polling location that hinder you from voting, you can always request & vote by a PROVISIONAL BALLOT. 

Be sure to fill out your address & sign your Provisional Ballot before turning it in.


No one can deny you the right to vote.
If you are denied the right to vote, call us from the polling location at 818.806.8683  
Learn about your voting rights ANCAWR.org/LAElections

QUESTIONS?  818.806.8683
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